Nights had been colder than the one I sit now in,
The darkness did prevail, but it was not within,
Chilled to the bones, but there is a fire inside
I may stumble on my way, but I will finish the ride
I have been a traveler, drifting along the time,
Past to the present now, into the future I sublime,
My story is in the writing, and if I must, I will say,
With the strength to carry on, I will surely stay,
When I flip back the pages that are already fading,
And I am getting older, with the wars that I am waging,
What becomes of the dreams if I close my heart to?
In the abyss, would I fall, but I am not made to,
Am I made for greatness or the race they ask me to run?
They say it is comfortable, but where’s the thrill, where’s the fun,
As I wipe the sweat on my forehead, and the blood in my eyes,
I know I will survive, for my hope never dies,




Smothered by ill-will,

Running up the hill,

Spurious laughter and tears,

Where are your fears?


Like the uncrowned king,

In the midst of all your things,

Why do you choke?

Burning up and in your own smoke,


Coz’ you won’t one day,

Don’t die now, not today,

Fight back, gasp in some air,

Now that you are here,




When the gloom in the eyes spreads all across the body
When you bite the dust, with a clumsy embrace,
When your grey hair falls across your face,
And we are too old with sinkin’ bones on our bed,

memories would drift across the still water,
Your eyes as soft as they once had been
And shadows deep in your unscarred heart,
For the moments of grace we both have seen,

We won’t bleed as we do now, It would be haunting comfort,
Of happiness and sorrow, of the love that fled,
After years of changing faces, I would give a weak smile,
The one that you loved and the one that we lost.

The fight


She agitates her hand, her skin red hot
Her expression is of fury, and eyes bloodshot,
She doesn’t want to talk, but she speaks out bullet,
She hates him she says, whenever he forgets

And then she frowns,
And he loves every line on her forehead,

She goes away every night, back in the mor’,
Loves him like an angel, hates him to the core,
She can’t stay away and when near she fights,
She can throw him to the ground, take him to heights,

And then she frowns,
And he loves every line on her forehead

And he loves her every expression, all the moves she makes,
The way her words pierce him, sudden decisions that she takes,
All the blames and all the fights, a future with no clue,
In between of all this,he says I love you,

And then she frowns,
And he loves every line on her forehead

Silver Lining


A vast heath, deprived of emotions,

Or thoughts whatsoever,

The black hued morning drowning into the night,

Would you get up to the battle of words,

Of character and receding hope

Beyond your window that filters the sunshine

 touching your eyes and making you dream of mirages

Had you known of this masquerade, you would have put your mask on,

With the smile that doesn’t cease,

And kisses that don’t feel against the plasticity of your heart,

But here you are, sunken in the comforts of your inaction,

Feeling and falling,

Days are passing and being swept away like memory-leaves,

And words swiveling around your head,

them, you can’t speak,

The obstinacy of your mind, driving your body,

Is too hard to handle now, but this is a control game,

You win, you live; you lose, you die while living,

And thus, let’s try with frayed hope,

Get up and open the curtains wide,

 look beyond the glass that reflects your state of mind,

My dear child,

Will your moment of epiphany arrive sooner than the end?

I will win


In a matter of time, all the hopes and dreams,

Seem to vanish into thin air, like the smoke kissing my lips,

What i was and what I could be,

What have I become, is this me?

A smile I embrace, over the agony inside,

When they say I failed and I wasted my life,

 It’s too late, they say, all my dreams have died,

But I made my choices, I thought were right,

And I fell like a warrior; I did not run away,

But too many a failures, too many falls,

I did not die, although I have wanted it at times,

I have wanted to wipe out all the guilt and shame,

But I don’t want them to write my name,

Was I not courageous, or was I too weak?

Was I just a fool, for the way I bleed?

I fight back in silence, as the days go by,

I sleep in hunger, my broken dream’s price,

I hold myself up, I laugh for your comfort,

Future is bleak, but I fumble, I trudge,

In the deadness of my world, silence be heard,

And now if you want, you can call me a failure,

In my darkened days, there is still light within,

For one day, my friend, I will win.

What are you thinking?


Outside a window on a night, star deprived,
Wandering mind, beyond the vision flies,
Over her bed, smoke of thoughts begins to rise,
Her eyes fixed at the ceiling, still, as she sighs
Can you tell what is she thinking?

Outside a window on a night, miles apart
He wraps himself in a blanket, holding his heart,
Twisting and turning, over thoughts his world imparts,
He closes his eyes, for the night to depart,
Can you tell what is he thinking